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According to DM News, a respected industry publication that reflects the new trends and technology in marketing, "2009 was a big year for email."

As a marketing channel, email has become a recognized and sophisticated choice when companies communicate their marketing messages with customers and prospects –
and for good reason.

Compared to alternate channels:

    Email Services
• Promotional emails can be created and distributed quickly

• Email campaigns can be quickly and easily tracked for effectiveness

• Email campaigns have no fulfillment costs

• Well targeted emails offer an incredible ROI

Direct Response Lists understands the power of email. Whether you’re looking to capture more sales from your existing customers or to find new ones for your products or services, our email marketing services will help you accomplish your marketing goals and objectives.

Services we offer include:

Email Marketing – Develop new customers for your company and grow your existing email list

Email Appending – We will add email addresses to your existing customer list based on names and addresses you provide

Reverse Email Appending – The email addresses you have will be used to capture name and postal addresses for these individuals

We can reverse append email addresses to provide you with names and postal addresses using a similar process to the one employed with our email appending technology. Your existing email addresses will be used to provide additional information about the individuals who own these email addresses - allowing you to further segment, target and contact them by additional means.

Call us toll-free at 800-981-5478 to speak with one of our experienced consultants and discover how we can enhance your marketing efforts with our various email services.

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